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Nashik is the third largest city in Maharashtra and the most urbanized city with lowest slum rate of approximately 3%. It is also called as the “Wine Capital of Maharashtra”, due to the numerous wineries located in Nashik District. It is known for the lush green vegetation and pleasant climate throughout the year.

It has an immense devotional diversity and house for many religious places like Shirdi, Trimbakeshwar, Panchavati, Ramkund, Ganga Ghat and many more. Nashik is one of the fast developing city with an amalgam of religious and urbanisation touch. Nashik has a well agricultural production producing mainly Grapes, Strawberries and Onions.


Where is Nashik Located?

Nashik is located in the Northern Maharashtra region spread across an area of about 360 km. It is located on the banks of Godavari river making it the most holy place for Hindus. It is located at latitude and longitude of 20 and 73.79 respectively and is situated at elevation 584 meters above sea level.


What is the best thing about Nashik?

There are many exciting things about Nashik from historical sites to cultural diversity, but meeting Nashikars, the people of Nashik is the best thing amongst this. The people are welcoming and make their visitors feel at home city.

It has lot of natural attractions for the nature lovers. The caves and temples depict the architectural beauty of Nashik. It also celebrates the Nasik International Film festival to keep Dada Saheb Phalkes vision alive. The largest mass gathering of Hindus to take a bath in the sacred river is witnessed during Kumba Mela held in Nashik-Trimbakeshwar.


Nashik Tourism

Nashik has a pleasant climate throughout the year due to its high altitude location. It attracts tourist from all around the world in all seasons. Many people visit Nashik during the Sula fest held at Sula Wines, where you can have drinks, food, dance and go shopping in vineyards. People travel the most during the Kumbha mela to witness the glimpse of faithful devotion in Hinduism. You can visit to the university campuses of the city. The language spoken is majorly Marathi, Hindi and English. Relish on the local cuisines and Madhavji chivda, Maruti Wafers, Budha Halwai and Pande Mithai are a must try. Nashik is a city full of foodies and savour on the street delicacies. Do not miss the Famous Misal Hangouts.


Which are the famous tourist spots in Nashik?

  • Pandavleni caves: A group of carved caves which represent hinayana and Buddhist caves. These are one of the oldest caves of Maharashtra and the peak can be accessible through trekking. It has lots of chambers and is adorned with Jain and Buddhist sculpture.


  • Vallone vineyards: You can pay a visit to this vineyard which has a collection of French style wines of different variety and blends.


  • Gangapur Dam: One of the first dams built in Nashik Gangapur dam has been built on godavari river.


  • Regiment of artillery museum: Located near pandav caves this museum has served as an important training centre for soldiers and Indian army. It is well equipped with new and advanced artillery weapons.


  • Ajneri Hills: Lush green vegetation, picturesque environment, a fort at the top and believed to be the birthplace of Lord Hanuman is the beauty of Ajneri caves. Monsoons are the best to view the waterfalls.

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