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Welcome to Pune the cultural capital and youth city of India mostly pronounced as Poona by the Punekars (locals). Being the second largest city in the state of Maharashtra, Pune enchants you with its diverse culture and picturesque locations. The city has become the educational hub and attracts students and proffesional to give a boost to their career.

Back in history it was once the capital of Maratha Empire. Pune gained its own cultural and architectural importance when Shivaji Maharj, the Great Maratha Warrior built his empire in Pune. Marathi, Hindi and English are the major languages spoken in Pune.


Where is Pune Located?

Pune is located on the western margin of the deccan plateau and is 560 m above sea level. Pune comprises of many tal hills hence mostly termed as the hilly city. The highest hill Vetal hill stands within the city limits at an elevation of 2600 ft. Central Pune is located at the junction of the Mula and Mutha Rivers. The outskirts of Pune are crossed by the Pavana, indrayani and tributaries of Bhima River.


What is the best thing about Pune?

Punekars strong belief that “Pune tithe kay Une” meaning “There is no insufficiency in Pune” is the best thing about Pune. Pune has strived its best to still preserve the charm and cultural roots of the true Maratha. Being the place of Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Mahatma Phule and Sant Tukaram is doubtlessly considered as the cultural capital of Maharashtra.

Due to mixture of various cultures it celebrates a wide range of festivals with a great enthusiam. Ganeshostav and Diwali are major festivals celebrated where the whole city sparkels and comes together to share happiness. It mesmerises its visitors with its architectural beauty. It still has presrevd the grand palaces of Marathas, Shaniwar Wada is one of the renowned palace. It houses a range of museums, parks and gardens.


Pune Tourism

The best time to visit Pune is October to May. The climate in Pune is charming and is a perfect delight to the senses. The well balanced weather never makes it seem too hot or too cold. The rain though here is unpredictable and can shower abit in summer too. The wide architectural wonders attract the toursit all round the year. Pune city is not only visited by tourists but also business and educational tours are held here.

It houses a lot of famous adventure activities like trekking, camping, rappeling, paragliding, horse riding and bird watching for those looking for an adrenaline rush. It also is place of meditation and yoga, the Iyengar Yoga institue and Osho International Meditation Ashram being one of the popular place to find solitude and relax.

Pune has budget hotels which suits everyones need. You can find luxury hotels as well as mid ranged and local dormatries for a stay in Pune. You can enjoy the local speciality food in restaurants and savour the yummy street food. Do not forget to relish a sweet drink named Mastani a popular milkshake with dry fruits.


Which are the famous tourist spots in Pune?

  • Osho ashram: Sprawling across 32 acre of land, the Osho International Meditation Ashram is a place to relax, meditate and seek inner peace in serenity. Meditation in Osho Samadhi can be enjoyed along with cinema and parties. Once you enter the Ashram you can here the reverberates of teachings of Osho.


  • Shaniwar Wada: Historically the stately mansion was the residence of Peshwas. Sahniwar wada is a must see by the tourist as there is even a light and sound show held here. The walls paintings depict stories from Ramayana and Mahabharata.


  • Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum: The Museum houses a one man collectibles and artifacts. Collections of late Dr. D.G.Kelkar in the fond memory of his only son ‘Raja’ show a glimpse of the everyday life of India.


  • Tribal Museum: Is an Exhibition of the cultures of tribal communities from Gondwana and Sahyadri regions. The museum showcases the life of the tribal communities of Maharashtra.


  • Bhimshankar Wildlife Sanctuary: A perfect place for nature lovers and people finding to relax with a picturesque environment around. It also houses many trekking events and the Bhimashankar temple helps you find solace.


  • Katraj snake park: Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park widely known as the Katraj Snake Park is a home for wide variety of snakes, reptiles and crocodiles. Many programs are held to spread awareness against the myths. It has a minimal fee of only 3 rupees per head.

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