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Website and Its Contents: -

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Owners: -

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3. The Company’s employees including, but not limited to, a driver, a member of the sales and support team, a technician or a member of the administration board.

4. The Company reserves the right to terminate, revoke, modify, alter, add, and delete any one or more of the terms and conditions of the website and the Company shall be under no obligation to notify the visitor of the amendment to the terms and conditions and the visitor shall be bound by such amended terms and conditions.

Visitors/Customers: -

1. The visitor has, by the act of logging onto the website and/or submitting information or giving his name, address, email addresses as identification to the Company through the website, on phone, or by e-mail, deemed to have consented and has expressly and irrevocably authorized the Company and its representative to send SMS/mails through any manner or call on given number(s)/emails for various purpose like booking, confirmation, payment information, booking status, refund status, change in schedule, cancellation of booking etc.

2. The visitor represents and warrants that he has provided true, accurate, current and complete information about himself/herself and if any information is found to be untrue, inaccurate or incomplete, the Company has the right to take action against him/her as it deems appropriate without any limitation.

3. The Company will not be responsible / Liable for any loss or damage caused or suffered by the customer viz., technical issues, network issues, voice instructions, data processing, or failure of system etc. It will be customer’s own responsibility to ensure that any products, services or information available through this website meet your specific requirements. Company can record the calls done by the customers for quality and training purposes.

4. It is Customer’s responsibility to take care of the luggage or belongings during the traveling. In case of lost/misplace of any belongings or luggage, it is customer’s responsibility to claim the same within 12 hrs from the drop-off time to the Company (go to contact us /call on 902 902 1555). The Company will make best possible effort to find out the same but the Company will not take any responsibility for such loss/damage.

5. It is Customer’s sole responsibility about their user profile, password or any other personal information provided on the website. In case, it is observed that some unauthorized person(s) is/are using your account details please feel free to write about this to the Company.

6.Customer shall not use anyone’s password and account. And should not share his account details with any third person.

7. Customer shall accept that, not to carry more passengers than the maximum limit allowed for the booked vehicle. If customer doesn't follow the said rule, the booking will be cancelled immediately without any compensation and the entire booking amount will be forfeited.

8. Customer shall be liable to pay as per the applicable rates at the time of booking excluding toll, parking charges, service tax, state tax, driver allowance, night allowance, any other fees or levy payable to the competent government authorities. Customer should pay at least 20% amount as advance at the time of booking.

9. Car air-conditioner will not work on hilly routes & also when the vehicle is not in motion. The customer is also not expected to request driver to make the air condition operational in the above mentioned cases.

10. Any form of discounts is only applicable only on the basic fare and cannot be made available on extra charges like toll, taxes, charges on for extra KMs consumed if applicable, charges for extra hours consumed if applicable, driver allowance, parking, night charges, unless specified.

11. The vehicle booked will be subject to availability. In a case where the car booked is not available on the day of travel the customer will be provided with an alternative equivalent vehicle in the similar segment as applicable.

12. Modification in trip route, car type should be done 24 hours’ prior the actual start time of travel.

13. Any Changes made in the ongoing trip should be informed immediately to the Company (go to contact us /call on 902 902 1555). The Company has the right to accept or reject the request.

14. Rates are applicable as per the rates provided on the website of the Company at the time of booking. All figures quoted on this website are in INR and may change without prior notice. But not for already booked contracts.

15. Toll, parking charges, service tax, state tax, driver allowance, night allowance, extra kilometers consumed (if applicable), any other fees or levy charges are based on actual basis and will be payable if you use any service from Company.

16. Customer should not pay any other charges to the driver other than those which are explained in above point. In case, driver demands any extra money, please inform immediately to the Company on 902 902 1555.

17. Any remaining charges applicable have to be paid directly in cash to the driver.

18. Airport transfers with unspecified distance coverage will only include one-way transfer either from airport or railway station to a single location or vice versa. Pickups or drops from multiple locations are not included in such bookings.

19. Waiting charges will be applicable if trip doesn’t start within 60 min of actual start time of travel.

20. Driver details will be given to the Customer 2-hour prior the actual start time of trip. In case of any misconduct or misbehaviour by the driver the customer should immediately report to the Company (go to contact us /call on 902 902 1555).

21. Unless specified otherwise, all meter readings/distances/timings will be calculated to and from our vendor’s garage.

22. The Customer needs to pay cleaning charges if the vehicle is in very dirty condition at the end of the trip. This includes, but is not limited to, spillage of liquids, food, vomit, other stains, and unpleasant odours.

23. Smoking, drinking or any illegal activity during the use of our service is strictly prohibited. Any Illegal activity encountered during the use of service can lead to cancellation of trip or an immediate action without providing any refund.

24. Journey time given on the website is approximate. If the booked vehicle is involved with an accident, suffers from a mechanical failure or the Chauffeur decides that it is no longer safe to drive, the Company will do its best effort to arrange alternative transportation for the customer and facilitate them to reach their destination. If the Company fails to arrange an alternative transportation it will be liable to refund the amount paid by the Customer for the trip. The Company may make the decision at its entire discretion, without consulting with the Customer. In case, the Customer wish, at that point, to arrange alternative transportation without informing the Company, it will be at the Hirer’s own cost, and no claims can be lodged against the Company.

25. 1-day means, 12:00 AM to 12:00 AM.

26. In case of any dispute arises between the customer and/or visitor and/or driver and/or the Company, it is subject to the jurisdiction of courts of Mumbai, Maharashtra.

27. If situation arises the Company has the right to cancel any booking at any time with or without giving any reason/ notice to the Customer and limits its liability up to the extent of amount paid by the Customer for the Booking. The Company may, at its sole discretion, refuse to sign a Contract with a Customer without any explanations.

28. If the Vehicle is involved with an accident, the Company is not liable to pay for any damages occurred due to such situation. User should contact directly to the insurance company for such cover, but the Company will provide help and support needed at our best. The Company will not be responsible for any insurance claim unless provided by the Company.

28. The trip ends once you return to the pickup/drop location. You can not keep the car/driver waiting after completion of trip or to utilize leftover kilometers/duration.

29. Outstation cabs are not allowed for local travel in source or pickup city.

Cancellation and Refund: -

1. Cancellation can be done by calling on 902 902 1555 or login to the customer portal by clicking (Cancel Trip).

2. If Customer cancels booking 24 hours prior to the pick-up time full refund will be provided to the Customer.

3. If Customer cancels the booking within 24 hours but no less than 2 hours’ prior the pickup time 10% of the total trip amount will be deducted.

4. If customer cancels booking after receiving the driver details or within 2 hours of the pickup time, then the Customer should not be eligible to claim any refund of money from the Company.

5. The driver will wait for the customer on the travel date for not more than 60 minutes from his pickup time in a case the customer does not inform the driver on the delay. After 60 minutes the booking will be considered as a case of no show and full booking amount will be forfeited.

6. If the Chauffeur or Driver arrives late at the pickup point due the reasons which are beyond the control of the Company, then it’s up to the customer whether to wait (maximum for 60 min) or to cancel the booking. If customer cancels the booking 100 % refund will be given within 7 working days.

7. The refunds will be made by online transfer only and not by cash.

8. The amount will be refunded approximately within 7 business days.

9. Refund amount should not exceed the booking amount paid by the Customer.

10. If any occasion which is beyond the control of the Company and we could not complete the customers’ requirements (reserved at the time of booking) or fails to arrange the cab for customer on the scheduled date. Full refund will be provided within 7 working days. Further, the Company will not be responsible for any other damage/loss/expenses caused due to cancellation of booking.

11. If the Company accepts the settlement, then it will not be more than the actual payment done by the Customer.